Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Archieve 11-23-05

11-18-05 Call for Straight and 2nd Gen. Straight Insurance policies If you have a copy of an insurance policy from any year from any of these programs, we would like a copy. If you or your parents sued then they or their attorney should have a copy. Contact us for mailing instructions at

update 11-17-05:1200 Straight's Joy Margolis reporting: A 12 year-old girl was raped at Oasis the day after Hurricane Wilma hit Southwest Florida Oasis is youth shelter run by Lutheran Services of Florida. "They didn't provide the appropriate direct care," stated Lutheran's spokesperson (and former Straight spokesperson) the ever beautiful Joy Margolis. You might recall Ms. Margolis' memorable statement about a 2000 incident in another Lutheran run youth home--Lippman Family Center in Broward County, Florida. A kid hung himself and staff came in took six Polaroid pictures while he was dangling, gurgling before their eyes. No one cut him down though someone finally called 911. Spokesperson Margolis made this public statement, "Taking pictures like that is not our practice because nothing like this has ever happened there before." Duh. Today the child is braindead. There is a claim on Fornits that Ms. Margolis' work with Straight predated her time there as spokesperson. Listen to Joy Margolis once telling LA Times reporter John Hurst that Straight tried to stop the abuse. How could she not tell her boss Mel Sembler about her report whether he was in Sydney or Tampa? News-Press 11-16-05 on Oasis.... LA Times on joy and Straight . . . Also read faith-based Joy

11-18-05 Pathway has a judge. Pathway Family Center is a 2nd generation Straight in Michigan and Indiana. Now it has a judge on the board. link

Reverend Doctor Miller Newton back in Bankruptcy Court story

reprint 11-14-05 A court has ordered the Church of Scientology™ to pay a former parishioner a half million dollars for engaging in a SLAPP suit against him story

11-15-05 Straight-infiltrated Operation Par sending referrals to Narconon™ -- a Scientology™ front group link

11-15-05 Controversial Pinellas County groups fair well under Republicans: Gov. Jeb Bush declares "Betty Sembler Day" and Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst declares "Narconon Day" link

11-15-05 An open letter to Susan Latvala from a rightfully concerned citizen link

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Late Oct 05 - early Nov 05 posts

With two ambassadorships already under his belt, we think his background in brainwashing and thought control uniquely qualify him for the ambassadorship to Red China story

10-19-05 Congress urged to help regulate boarding schools SLT

11-08-05 The St. Pete Times, which normally won't report beyond Sembler's garden parties, reports on Sembler's influence buying of local elections. Did somebody leak Gorenfeld's article to them? SPT

11-03-05 Sembler and Sher back Jeff Danner (formerly with city planning commission) for St. Pete city council link

11-03-05 Tom DeLay indicted in campaign finance probe House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R, Tx.) has been indicted by a Texas grand jury on a charge of conspiring to violate political fundraising laws. USA Today the indictment GOP PAC sued over alleged campaign fraud

10-30-05 One Hundred Fifty Thousand Hits! At 2034 EST on October 30, 2005 we had our 150,000th hit. Thank you loyal readers for your continued interest in this seemingly never-ending saga.

10-20-05 Betty Sembler thinks Ray Bradbury should become "prey." But she clarifies it to mean "followed", not "followed and killed." See Ms. Sembler's deposition, p. 67.

update 10-27-05 Mel and Betty Sembler: issues with human rights and civil liberties link

10-27-05 Panel to begin work regulating youth homes link

10-19-05 Mock them using another name: Clam attorneys order site satirizing Tom Crusie to change its name story cruise web sit

10-26-05 J.A.I.L., a proposed amendment to imprison unethical Florida judges link

10-23-05 After 30 years a former psychologist at Odyssey House comes forward link

10-23-05 Alleged corruption, nasty politics and judicial impropriety in Pinellas County Florida spreading via The Washington Post, theStraights dot com, The Reader's Digest and now North Country Gazette in upstate New York link

update: 10-24-05 Dr. Mel Riddile, formerly national director of Straight, Inc. and formerly director of Straight - Springfield, has been named 2006 MetLife/NASSP National High School Principal of the Year MetLife PR Wes Fager writes to NASSP link

10-24-05 The Washington Post extols Dr. Riddile for his award link letters to ed Leigh Bright sends letter to the editor to The Wash Post and to theStraights dot com link

10-21-05 The Saint Petersburg Times slow in reporting on alleged fraud in mayor's family buinsess and other stories about shoddy newspaper reporting by The Times by Mark Adams, Esquire link

10-18-05:1500 You don't send me flowers anymore: Is Sembler trying to buy off Tampa's ABC Action News too? blog

10-17-05 Is there intelligent life on Treasure Island? or why won't the Sembler's stop PumpGate an editorial by Wes Fager

Monday, November 21, 2005

Late July 2005 - mid Sept 2005

9-16-05 Class Action Law Suit Against Straight spin-off Growing Together There is talk of a class action suit against Growing Together. Contact attorney Barry Silver for information. contact

8-1-05 Ambassador Sembler, Judge Greer and the Great Cooper's Point Land Scam hurt the Little General's Gubernatorial chances story

7-28-05 Sembler violates Florida voting laws trying to buy a governorship story

7-30-05 Ambassador Sembler's crowning achievement after 8 years of diplomacy--fitting Bush's entourage with Brioni suits while nullifying thousands of Italian protesters without resorting to bicycle barricades link

Calvina Fay faces off with Ethan Nadlemann on NewsHour link

The web page Child Abuse Leads To Drug Abuse previews Mel Sembler's Straight program link

Why Mel Sembler will never let there be closure on Straight by Wes Fager blog

Felony exploitation of children? link

For second time Sembler tries to have an open forum in spite of his past. link

The Washington Post gives Mel a Narcissist Run Amok and The Times gives him a sour orange, while he gives Dick Cheney a silver apple AP

Jury finds Drug Free America Foundation (formerly Straight Foundation) Advisory Board member Darryl Rouson guilty of trespassing Darryl Rouson is head of the St. Petersburg chapter of the NAACP, a Sembler business partner, a former Pinellas County assistant states attorney, and a member of Drug Free America Foundation's Advisory Board. He is also a recovering cocaine addict. Last year he was in the Purple Haze, a tobacco store, asking a sales person how a glass pipe could be used to smoke cocaine. Asking not as a user, but as an advocate against the sale of drug paraphernalia. He was asked to leave, refused and wound up this week in court. The judge has withheld adjudication, placed Rouson on probation and sentenced him to community service. link

The O'Reilly Factor vs. Calvina Fay link

Youth Truth reports on Mel Sembler and Straight link

The Cubans blast Sembler again, this time in Granma link

Speak Forcefully links to Republican Child Abusers link