Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Archieve 11-23-05

11-18-05 Call for Straight and 2nd Gen. Straight Insurance policies If you have a copy of an insurance policy from any year from any of these programs, we would like a copy. If you or your parents sued then they or their attorney should have a copy. Contact us for mailing instructions at

update 11-17-05:1200 Straight's Joy Margolis reporting: A 12 year-old girl was raped at Oasis the day after Hurricane Wilma hit Southwest Florida Oasis is youth shelter run by Lutheran Services of Florida. "They didn't provide the appropriate direct care," stated Lutheran's spokesperson (and former Straight spokesperson) the ever beautiful Joy Margolis. You might recall Ms. Margolis' memorable statement about a 2000 incident in another Lutheran run youth home--Lippman Family Center in Broward County, Florida. A kid hung himself and staff came in took six Polaroid pictures while he was dangling, gurgling before their eyes. No one cut him down though someone finally called 911. Spokesperson Margolis made this public statement, "Taking pictures like that is not our practice because nothing like this has ever happened there before." Duh. Today the child is braindead. There is a claim on Fornits that Ms. Margolis' work with Straight predated her time there as spokesperson. Listen to Joy Margolis once telling LA Times reporter John Hurst that Straight tried to stop the abuse. How could she not tell her boss Mel Sembler about her report whether he was in Sydney or Tampa? News-Press 11-16-05 on Oasis.... LA Times on joy and Straight . . . Also read faith-based Joy

11-18-05 Pathway has a judge. Pathway Family Center is a 2nd generation Straight in Michigan and Indiana. Now it has a judge on the board. link

Reverend Doctor Miller Newton back in Bankruptcy Court story

reprint 11-14-05 A court has ordered the Church of Scientology™ to pay a former parishioner a half million dollars for engaging in a SLAPP suit against him story

11-15-05 Straight-infiltrated Operation Par sending referrals to Narconon™ -- a Scientology™ front group link

11-15-05 Controversial Pinellas County groups fair well under Republicans: Gov. Jeb Bush declares "Betty Sembler Day" and Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst declares "Narconon Day" link

11-15-05 An open letter to Susan Latvala from a rightfully concerned citizen link


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