Monday, November 21, 2005

Late July 2005 - mid Sept 2005

9-16-05 Class Action Law Suit Against Straight spin-off Growing Together There is talk of a class action suit against Growing Together. Contact attorney Barry Silver for information. contact

8-1-05 Ambassador Sembler, Judge Greer and the Great Cooper's Point Land Scam hurt the Little General's Gubernatorial chances story

7-28-05 Sembler violates Florida voting laws trying to buy a governorship story

7-30-05 Ambassador Sembler's crowning achievement after 8 years of diplomacy--fitting Bush's entourage with Brioni suits while nullifying thousands of Italian protesters without resorting to bicycle barricades link

Calvina Fay faces off with Ethan Nadlemann on NewsHour link

The web page Child Abuse Leads To Drug Abuse previews Mel Sembler's Straight program link

Why Mel Sembler will never let there be closure on Straight by Wes Fager blog

Felony exploitation of children? link

For second time Sembler tries to have an open forum in spite of his past. link

The Washington Post gives Mel a Narcissist Run Amok and The Times gives him a sour orange, while he gives Dick Cheney a silver apple AP

Jury finds Drug Free America Foundation (formerly Straight Foundation) Advisory Board member Darryl Rouson guilty of trespassing Darryl Rouson is head of the St. Petersburg chapter of the NAACP, a Sembler business partner, a former Pinellas County assistant states attorney, and a member of Drug Free America Foundation's Advisory Board. He is also a recovering cocaine addict. Last year he was in the Purple Haze, a tobacco store, asking a sales person how a glass pipe could be used to smoke cocaine. Asking not as a user, but as an advocate against the sale of drug paraphernalia. He was asked to leave, refused and wound up this week in court. The judge has withheld adjudication, placed Rouson on probation and sentenced him to community service. link

The O'Reilly Factor vs. Calvina Fay link

Youth Truth reports on Mel Sembler and Straight link

The Cubans blast Sembler again, this time in Granma link

Speak Forcefully links to Republican Child Abusers link


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