Friday, December 09, 2005

Pinellas Commissioners to vote today (Dec 6) on Sembler zoning request for Seminole. We want to set the record straight.

update: 12-06-05:0330 Sembler Company has requested that a parcel of land in Seminole, Fl. be rezoned from industrial to commercial. The staff for the Pinellas Planning Council recommended no, but the elected commissioners ignored its own staff and voted yes. The next step is for the Board of County Commissioners to vote. Problem is its staff has also recommended no. Will the county commissioners ignore their own staff too? We have conducted a study which shows that Sembler Company has a history of getting its way with county commissioners even though their own staffs recommend against Sembler.

The Seminole vote occurs tomorrow morning Dec 6, 2005. Due to the short lead on this story, for the second time in our history we have published a draft report. Major updates will be made to this report over the next few days. If you can make it to the hearing tomorrow to express your views, please do. Sorry for the short notice.
Tues. Dec 6, 0900
5th floor Assembly Room
County Courthouse
315 Court Street
Clearwater. Latest update is to part 2.

Watch proceeding live 12/06:0930 video. Here's the agenda. Local Pinellas County users can watch the proceedings live on Channel 18 on both Bright House and Knology Cable systems. See Ch 18's calendar for rerun times.

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