Saturday, October 21, 2006

Archieved articles 12-2-05 thru 12-19-05

12-17-05 Todd's story (Straight Sarasota 81 - 82) by Todd story

12-19-05 CANNONFIRE: Republican Child Abusers by Joseph Cannon STORY

12-19-05 WWASPS giving heavily to them Republicans STORY

12-19-05 Abuse at Straight Springfield LINK

12-14-05 The joke of the year. Mel Sembler tries to stall his trial by going to Israel for the Passover. Our STORY

12-17-05 Rigorous Intuition Board having a lively, knowledgeable discussion on Sembler and Straight LINK

12-17-05 Uhurus say Sembler partner Daryl Rousson sold out the black community LINK

12-16-05 It hasn't gone unnoticed by Joshua Marshall and Justin Raimondo that the man raising money for Libby is the man who was in charge of the Italian Embassy when the forged uranium documents showed up there STORY [Mel Sembler has spent his entire adult life trying to be recognized publicly. We think it is a just matter of time before these guys learn who he really is.]

12-16-05 Exclusive - Florida Bar Raises First Amendment Issue In Tampa Attorney Case STORY

12-14-05 Wikipedia, the Internet's free encyclopedia, adds Melvin Sembler and his Straight program wikipedia sembler straight

Representative George Miller (D-Ca.) Introduces Legislation to Curb Child Abuse in Residential Treatment Programs link

12-10-05 Parent Advocate has a problem with Straight's former national executive director, Mel Riddile, receiving high school principal of the year award. PA is an independent watchdog on public policies and schools in the United States.LINK

12-03-05 Deputy mayor of Paris leads protest against Scientology™ while Pinellas County Commissioner Susan Latvala models a hot pink party dress (with feather boa) for them. Dep Mayor Anne Hidalgo Commissioner Susan Latvala

12-10-05 Seventh Steppers renounce their Straight graduation status in droves Our STORY

updated 12-02-05 Sembler Company CEO Craig Sher doesn't think $500 contributions from Mel Sembler and gang can influence politicians. We disagree. The blog version only has been version tampaindymedia version

updated 12-02-05 Update on Sembler political contributions buy


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