Sunday, October 22, 2006

archieves 1-11-05 to 1-22-05

7-22-06 South Park's spoof on Scientology pulled from air. "Trapped in the Closet", a South Park spoof on Scientoloy first aired in November 2006, was scheduled to be re-run this past Wednesday, but was pulled form the schedule at the last minute. The segment is the best true overview of this controversial religion and can be seen here. story

5-16-06 Have the Sembler's violated medical privacy? Well Mel Sembler is suing his former employee Ray Bradbury for violating his privacy. In the process has Sembler used medical privacy records obtained from Straight against Mr. Bradbury? And if so how many other former clients are the Semblers holding medical data on? story

1-24-06 Maia Szalavitz article on "Tough Love" makes front page of Sunday's Washington Post story

1-23-05 WWASPS: No More Nightmares at Tranquility Bay? by John Gorenfeld Gorenfeld shed's light on the controversial WWASPS programs and gives hints of what is in Maia Szalavitz's new book Help at any Cost link

1-22-05 MELVINSEMBLER DOT COM--a new link to THESTRAIGHTS DOT COM The link, points to It should not be mistaken with Shelby Earnshaw ' s excellent web page on Sembler's misdeeds at Of course Mel Sembler's own web page remains at

1-22-05 When Love Is Not Enough A new book reinvents Mel Sembler's idea to alarm kids in bedrooms link

2-18-06 George Bush and his "buddy" Mel Sembler Jeb Bush calls Betty Sembler "Mrs. Ambassadorable." Now brother George calls her hubby Melvin "Buddy" Sembler "buddy." link

1-22-05 Underground network moves children from home to home link

1-20-05 WWASPS: Growing number of Internet discussion forums talk about the Republican-backed WWASPS behavioral modification program story

1-18-05 Update your links to include Fight Institutional Child Abuse link

1-17-05 Winter Garden, Fl: Sembler has come up with $9 M to widen State Road 50. Now its up to the local citizens to find $23M and the rest of Florida to front $23 M story

1-17-05 Kirstie Alley says, 'Scientology Couldn't Help Me Lose Weight' story

1-17-05 WWASPS: Robert Lichfield and political contributions to Republicans link

1-13-05 WWASPS:Academy at Ivy Ridge announces it has withdrawn from WWASPS press release

1-13-05 Winter Garden, Fl.: Pollution and the cost of doing business with Mel Sembler. link

1-11-05 Environmentalists go after Sembler plan to fill a stream and wetlands in Canton, Ga. Environmental groups are challenging Sembler's plan to fill in a mile stretch of stream and a half acre of wetlands so it can build a shopping center. Environmentalists say the Cherokee darter is an endangered fish that would be threatened by Sembler's proposal. STORY

1-11-05 PumpGate: Court denies Sembler's request to retain Judge Rondolino as trial judge On Dec. 30, Sembler's attorneys filed a motion to retain Judge Rondolino as the trial judge for PumpGate. On Jan. 9, 2006 the court denied the request.


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