Sunday, October 22, 2006

Archieves 11-28-05 - 12-29-05 and 1-5-05 to 1-7-05

1-7-05 Sembler bails from Centro Ybor STORY

1-6-05 Dead: James T. Russell, former states attorney for Pinellas County, Florida. He just could not believe Straight was abusing kids so he gave the Semblers the protection from law enforcement they needed to work their handicraft STORY

1-5-05 Think Progress - Abramoff: The House That Jack Built A must read summary on who's in Abramoff's pockets LINK

1-5-05 Lobbyist Melvin Sembler: update on national influence buying First of all let's call a spade a spade. Melvin Sembler is not, foremost, a political fundraiser. He is one of the most successful lobbyist of our time who raises money for the Republican Party as part of that lobbying effort. Continued

1-5-05 GOP Scandal Scorecard by Wayne Madsen LINK

reprint from 11-13-05 Sembler's neighbor to handle legislation for gambling despite a gambling junket paid by the industry STORY

1-5-05 Florida Congressman Mike Bilirakis took 11 fact finding trips to Las Vegas--all perfectly legal, of course LINK

1-5-05 US Rep. from Florida Tom Feeney accepts junket from Abramoff When Jeb Bush ran unsuccessfully the first time Betty Sembler was his finance cochair and Tom Feeney was his running mate. Later Feeney received a contribution from Abramoff and took a Scotland vacation on Abramoff.

1-5-05 What does Mel Sembler know about all this? Jack Abramoff has been donating money to the Republicans since at least 1994 when he donated $1,000 to Oliver North's campaign. From 1997 to 2000 Mel Sembler was Finance Chairman for the Republican National Committee. What does he know, if anything, of Abramoff's machinations? CONTINUED

1-5--05 Fired Up America: GOP Culture of Corruption LINK

reprint from 11-28-05 TBRNews: The Corruption Corner Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Rick Santorum, Grover Norquist, David Safavian, Jack Abramoff and the K Street project--articles by John Byrne and by Matthew Continetti. LINK

12-27-05 Former Sembler gossip columnist joins 6th Circuit Grievance Committee by Wes Fager. For 15 years The St. Pete Times was the world's foremost authority on Straight's abuse. So why is the new Tash Times the world's biggest promoter of Straight's founders? Read about the Times' gossip columnists. story Related article: story

12-06-05 Straight founder Mel Sembler lobbies Republican commissioners and wins another rezoning request--this one in Seminole Our STORY perm link ....RELATED STORIES: Sembler has a history of getting elected officials to vote his way against the advice of their own staffs Our STORY Sembler contributions to local elected officials Our STORY

12-29-05 Even the German's are talking about Mel and Betty link

12-28-05 Rev. Doctor L. Ron Hubbard discovers cure for the common cold link

12-27-05 Fight Institutional Child Abuse features Sembler and the abuses of Straight link

12-23-05 Add spammer Charlie Crist to your black list In 2004 Florida Attorney General Charlie Crist pushed for new legislation to let him prosecute companies that send "unsolicited and deceitful commercial e-mail." Now he's sending "elect me for governor" spam himself. story

updated 12-24-05 Mel Sembler is one big hypocrite--Sembler's op-ed on human rights by Wes Fager story permalink

Mel Sembler is not the only guardian of human rights with an anti-drug message in Pinellas County, Florida. The Scientologists are just as concerned. link

12-23-05 The Little Yellow House deal: Church member sells home and "donates" half a million dollars to cover future Scientology™ courses to last her a life-time story

12-23-05 Lawmaker seeks probe of teen boot camps to root out possible fraud, abuse SLT

12-22-05 Tampa's Centro Ybor: Sembler's gigantic $41.6 million folly makes it to MSNBC (includes the trolly deal) folly


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